How to Fix a Loose Mobile & Laptop Charging Port

Does it feel like the cable isn’t fully inserted when you try to charge your phone? Maybe it’s a little wobbly or feels a little loose to the touch. If you bump it while it’s charging, it may stop charging, or it may stop charging completely at any time. Isn’t it frustrating?

Try out a different power source

You may not have a problem with your phone or charger, but rather with the power outlet it is plugged into. If that doesn’t work, try plugging your charger into another wall outlet. Change the USB port on your computer or use the wall adapter if you were charging via USB. If your cell phone begins charging, you’ve figured out the issue. If your computer’s USB port won’t work, all you have to do is call an electrician to fix the broken wall adapter.

Fixing a sloppy charging port can be accomplished in a number of ways. If your USB gets stuck in a port every time you plug it in, these methods will help you get it out.

Check for debris or lint in the port

How To Fix A Loose Laptop Charging Port
When your device’s charging port becomes loose or wobbly, this is one of the most obvious things to check. It’s as simple as cleaning out the port of any debris or lint that’s causing the issue. To remove the debris, you can use a dry cloth, a cotton swab, or even a needle with great care.

A toothpick works just as well. Remove any obstructions by gently twisting them into the micro-USB port. Compressed air can be used to remove dust from the phone’s charging port if it has accumulated there. You can also use a cotton swab or a dry cloth to clean the inside of the port where you’ll be inserting the battery.

 Use super glue to fix it

If your Charging port is loose, epoxy glue or super glue can be used to secure it. It’s a great way to get your problem fixed. You can fix this problem by following the steps outlined below:

⦁)  An epoxy or hot glue drop is all that’s needed to affix the parts together.

⦁)  Using a dropper, carefully place it on either side of the USB port.

⦁)  Allow it to air dry for 10 to 15 minutes after spreading it in the port.

⦁)  Epoxy glue can be used as a short-term fix while you work on a longer-term solution to stabilize your port.

Try using a different cable, if available

It is possible that your charging port is not the problem. A USB cable or a charger could be to blame. Changing the USB cable or charger may help fix the problem. It is common for charging cables to fail after a period of time. This means that changing the cable will solve the issue immediately.

How to prevent loose Charging port

How To Fix A Loose Laptop Charging Port

Prevention is better than cure. Keep these suggestions in mind to ensure that your micro-USB port doesn’t come unattached again:

⦁ Do not leave your phone plugged in overnight.

⦁ Inserting a USB cable to charge or transfer data should be done with care. Do it slowly and carefully.

⦁ Keep the USB connector firmly grasped while removing the cable. Avoid removing the cable with the cord.

⦁ Avoid overcharging your mobile device. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the device to avoid overheating the port.

⦁ Gently insert the USB cable.

⦁ It’s best to keep your phone and USB cable dry.

⦁ Keep your phone organized.

⦁ Avoid jerks on the device by wearing protective gear while riding a bicycle or driving a car.

How to fix laptop loose charging port?

How To Fix A Loose Laptop Charging Port
Check the laptop adapter

These problems can be solved by first identifying their root causes. It’s possible that your charger port is defective. To continue using your laptop, you must replace or repair the laptop charger if it is broken.

Determine if the laptop’s jack or the adapter plug is loose first. If the adapter’s interface shows obvious signs of damage, it must be replaced and tested again. Buying a replacement laptop adapter that matches the model specifications of your notebook is all it takes to fix a broken adapter.

Laptop Connector DC Board

How To Fix A Loose Laptop Charging Port

Laptop charging ports must be repaired if the laptop power outlet becomes loose. It is possible that the laptop’s power socket has a problem. Use metal tentacles to check for deformation or damage. After disassembly and welding, the motherboard can be used normally if the charging port is open.

Laptops typically have loose external power plugs and power sockets that are designed in a modular fashion. Replacing these components is a piece of cake. Only the same model notebook’s accessories are needed to replace the laptop’s broken component. The hard disc and keyboard bezel must be removed first, followed by the keyboard, the screen, and finally the laptop.

How to fix a losing charging port on an HP laptop?


How To Fix A Loose Laptop Charging Port
⦁ Remove the battery if necessary.

⦁ Remove the back of your HP laptop’s covers, starting with the battery and ending with the hard drive.

⦁ Remove all of the screws from the device .’s

⦁ The wires and cables must be disconnected.

⦁ Take out the screws that hold the antennas in place, then flip your laptop over and open the plastic bar located above the keyboard. Gently pry it open.

⦁ Remove the keyboard and all of its components, being careful not to damage the ribbon cable or any of the other wires while doing so.

⦁ Disconnect the Fort’s connector next to the metal tabs and the rest of the Wi-Fi equipment.

⦁ To remove the top right and left screws, simply pry them out. The laptop’s screen and keyboard can now be separated.

⦁ Remove the motherboard, optical drive, and express card now.

⦁ Locate and remove the charging ports.

How to fix a losing charging port on a Dell laptop?

How to Fix a Loose Laptop Charging Port

It’s been reported that the batteries in many Dell laptops simply won’t charge. Even with an AC adapter connected, their laptop’s battery indicator says it’s not charging. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Fixing this problem may be as simple as trying these suggestions. Trying them all may not be necessary for you. Just keep going until you find the one that works.

⦁ The battery and the AC adapter must be plugged back in.

⦁ Use a wall outlet to charge up your laptop.

⦁ Try a different wall outlet.

⦁ Your battery driver needs to be updated.

⦁ Make sure your BIOS is up to date.

⦁ Use a Chromebook as your primary computer.

How to fix laptop power jack without soldering? 

There are a few ways to fix a loose power jack without soldering. One way is to use a conductive adhesive such as epoxy or conductive paint. Another way is to use conductive tape such as copper foil tape.


What is the best way to fix a loose power jack?

The best way to fix a loose power jack is to solder it. This will ensure that the connection is secure and will not come loose.

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