Top 7 Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

Every gamer requires the best gaming keypad available to enhance their gaming experience’s comfort and accuracy. One-handed gaming keyboards, also referred to as gaming keypads, are a viable alternative to standard keyboards. The great thing about these keyboards is that they only require one hand, which means you can type faster.

These one-handed Keypads are convenient to use due to their compact size. These Keypads can be easily angled for maximum comfort, and many include ergonomically placed buttons and a wrist rest. Additionally, some keypads include thumb controls or scroll wheels, which add functionality. One-handed keyboards have a number of advantages in terms of cost, performance, and space that a regular keyboard does not.

If you’re a gamer and looking for the best one-handed gaming keypad for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll go over a selection of the top 7 best one-handed gaming keypads that will satisfy your gaming requirements.

List of 7 Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

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Razer Tartarus v2...image Razer Tartarus v2 VIEW ON AMAZON
Redragon K585 DITI...image Redragon K585 VIEW ON AMAZON
K-700 One Handed...image K-700 One Handed VIEW ON AMAZON
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1: Razer Tartarus V2

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

As a great programmable keypad, the Razer Tartarus V2 has stood the test of time. In comparison to other one-handed gaming keyboards, this  Gaming Keypad is more expensive, but it offers significantly more features. To give the keys a mechanical feel, a rubber cushion base is used with high-quality mecha-membrane switches on this keyboard.

It combines a soft cushioned feel with an insane amount of functionality to give you the best of both worlds.  for better functionality this keyboard use number buttons rather than using letters than other gaming keyboards that only have half of the letters removed.

For the perfect arsenal of moves, use all 32 programmable keys. This keypad has an eight-way directions thumb-pad that moves easily and quickly, you can expand your command options with hotkeys and macros.

A full-sized keyboard has twice as many keys as the 32-key gaming keypad on this laptop, but that’s not a problem because it’s more than enough for gaming. You get an immediate response because each key is activated at a mid-height. As a result, you’ll be able to control your game more quickly than you could on a regular keyboard.

It’s a great keyboard for gamers who can work with thirty-two keys all the time.

When it comes to gaming, the Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming keyboard is a great option for those who prefer a smaller, programmable keyboard.

  • Most favorite thing about it is that The keys are comfortable to play with and don’t make much noise.
  • It’s simple to alter the lighting profile.

  • When compared to other one-handed keyboards in this category, the pricing seems a bit exorbitant.
  • It’s a little difficult to work with the software that runs it.

2: Redragon K585

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

When it comes to gaming, nothing beats the Redragon K585 One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The advantages far outweigh the costs, and it’s in the middle of the price range for most people’s budgets.

To begin, the keyboard is thin and tactile, featuring Outemu blue switches in place of extra keys. Every key becomes an activation key that can easily be accessed with a single hand and aids in developing the gaming rhythm. In addition, there are seven programmable macro keys that you can use to assign multiple numbers of commands to and activate right away.

There are five different RGB backlit modes with a total of 16.8 million colors to choose from. when you’re not using them make sure to keep the lights off. 

For better visualization, all the keys of the keypad are fully illuminated and all these are corded.

Finally, the ergonomic design features a wrist pad and additional keys that are conveniently located. If the wrist rest isn’t to your liking, simply remove this by using the magnet connectors. Few one-handed keys have a detachable rest that makes it easier to move around, takes up less space, or can even be placed on the user’s lap.

For 15-20 hours of continuous play, the keyboard can also be connected via Bluetooth, giving you more mobility. After a full day of gaming, the battery can be recharged in as little as 10 hours. Redragon’s K585 DITI gaming keypad is ideal if you value mobility when selecting a gaming keypad.

  • The 3000 MAh battery is light and portable, which is an advantage.
  • Wrist support that is detachable.

  • Over time, there will be a change in appearance.
  • The shape of a space bar isn’t typical.

  • The wrist support’s magnet is flimsy.

3: K-700 One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

One of the best one-handed gaming keyboards is the K-700 One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The following are the main features of this item:

  • Custom mechanical switches with blue switches and N-key rollover for lifespan, durability, responsiveness.  Medium-resistance mechanical keys with an audible click sound and tactile feedback. It provides sensitive and responsive clicky and tactile feedback with blue switches. It encourages people to make their own changes.
  • Allowing many keys to work at the same time at a rapid rate. Each key is controlled by its own switch, allowing you to play high-quality games with quick responses.
  • Driver Preset 5-mode RGB Back-lighting with 16.8 Million Colors Macro Keys: Assign sophisticated in-game macros to all keys except (,T, FN) with driver Preset 5-mode RGB Back-lighting with 16.8 Million Colors
  • It will save a lot of room on your desk with its 44 keys. Because the size is smaller, it is easier to handle.
  • To change the backlight, press FN+ Space. Clear backlighting and high durability with double-shot injection molded keycaps
  •  It is solid and robust, made of excellent ABS and metal materials with a matte-finish texture. Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Vista are all supported.
  • The stepped keycap adds style, and the arc and slope comfortably suit your hands to reduce fatigue.
  • The palm rest is held together by a magnet, making it simple to remove for travel.
  • Metal foundation, high-quality ABS material, non-slip design, splash-resistant, and long-lasting.
  • Detachable 1.5m USB to Type C cable.

  • Up to 50 million clicks on the key

  • There is significant latency in the input.

4: RedThunder One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

Getting a keyboard and mouse set like the RedThunder One-Handed RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a great deal. However, because it’s programmable and not everyone has a disc drive anymore, it’s not one of the best options. Even though it’s an odd mix of new and ancient technology, this may appeal to many players.

 for additional software on the membrane keyboard, there are 35 anti-ghosting keys and two additional macro buttons that can be programmed. Static or breathing modes are available for the RGB back light’s 7 color spectrum. A two-color injection mold is used to create the keys, which allows light to pass through.

Both the keyboard and the mouse feature the most up-to-date RGB lighting technology available. In case you don’t want to use the driver, you can change any of the dozens of lighting effects without having to install it. Because the mouse also illuminates, you can enjoy a dazzling array of colors without having to worry about leaving the room’s lights on.

In terms of durability and stability, the keys are blue switches. With medium resistance and crisp tactile feedback for ultimate gaming precision, these keys will not let you down during intense gameplay sessions. All of them have macro recording keys, allowing you to fine-tune your computer commands.

The mouse, meanwhile, is top-notch, with programmable buttons and an intuitive interface. It includes seven customizable buttons. All of this, as well as the keyboard, are universally compatible. You have the option of using the CD driver or simply leaving everything as it is. It’s game time!

  • Low-cost, compact design; easy to use.
  • Keycap with two colors.

  • The keyboard makes a loud click sound.
  • Keyboard coating wears away over time.

  • is too short for the space bar

5: RGB One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

The  RGB One-Handed Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo help you save money by combining two goods into one. This keyboard is pleasant for all-day gaming use thanks to its ergonomic design. You won’t have to worry about charging or losing connection because it’s wired.

The gaming keyboard also includes an ergonomic wrist rest to help with posture and fatigue reduction. There’s also RGB LED backlighting for fascinating nighttime colors. Even better, the light passes through the letters themselves, allowing you to see more clearly even in low light.

With only 35 keys, typing with just one hand is simple. All of the keys are sensitive, quick, and quiet, and they may be used in a variety of ways. The keys are also non-conflict, which means you may press or hold numerous keys at once for speedier commands, and the key colors never fade.

The mouse itself is ergonomic, built of plastic, and designed to be both comfortable and long-lasting. It also has various buttons that you can program and lights up for added convenience. There is no need for a driver because this is plug-and-play technology that works with all operating systems, including Windows, Apple, and Android.

Get your money back in the first year if you don’t like it! However, you’ll adore it because it has a shorter keyboard that allows you to adjust volume and a variety of other features. It’s also built to survive 10 million switch cycles.

  • Have plug-and-play technology that works with all operating systems.
  • It survives over 10 millions switch cycles.

  • Did not work properly on multiple window 10 stations.
  • The design is a little pitiful.

6: MFTEK One-Handed Gaming Keyboard 

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

The MFTEK one-handed gaming keyboard is one of the greatest one-handed gaming keyboards available. The following are the main features of this one-handed keyboard:

The single-handed gaming keyboard features a 35-key portable design that eliminates unnecessary keys while retaining the most important ones. The small size makes it easy to transport and saves space in your bag. Double shot injection molded keycaps are made of high-quality ABS plastic and will not wear or fade.

Keyboard for Rainbow Gaming: Backlit keys on the keyboard: Fn+Esc to turn on/off RGB backlight, Fn+CAPS to enter Breathing mode. You may play freely in the dark thanks to the 35 letter shining. The light that shines through the characters and gaps can transport you to a real-life gaming environment. All keys are supported without conflict, allowing you to press or hold multiple keys at the same time.

Ergonomic Keyboard: The palm rest is meant to accommodate your hand perfectly, prevent tiredness, and give a comfortable typing experience. There are 5 multimedia keys to let you operate more efficiently. Fn+F1 is for Media; Fn+F2 is for Volume -; Fn+F3 is for Volume +; FN+F4 is for Mute; Fn+F5 is for Pause/Play.

This item includes an LED Backlit Gaming Mouse with 4 LED colors (Blue/Red/Purple/Rose) that can be adjusted, as well as a unique breathing light that creates a pleasant and calming ambient light. When viewing the web, the default backward and forward buttons, as well as fast forward and backward, are used. The mouse’s soft curves provide the most comfortable gaming experience ever.

  • It’s straightforward to operate and has a compact design.
  • Keycaps with a twin shot injection mold.

  • The mouse button does not work very well.
  • Not compatible with the Xbox ps4.

7: Razer Tartarus Pro

Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

Razer Tartarus has a new enhanced form factor that has an adjustable wrist rest for all-day comfort and less fatigue during lengthy play.

Because the Razer Tartarus supports Synapse 2.0, it can save a limitless number of profiles and macros in the cloud. You’re always prepared with your careful gaming setup, no matter where you are or what time it is. The 8-way directional thumb-pad not only allows you to maneuver with accuracy but can also be used as modifier keys, increasing your key-set count by 8 for a total of 128 instructions.

The Razer Tartarus has updated ergonomics to keep your hand comfortable while you demolish, whether you’re playing for the first or tenth time.

The Razer Tartarus includes the most user-friendly in-game configuration tool you’ll ever see. Utilize a non-intrusive overlay as part of your Razer Synapse command center to customize each and every button on the Razer Tartarus to your particular skill set, macros, and hotkeys directly from within the game. For the long-life spam, the razer Tartarus has ultra-durable braided cable while other keypads have ordinary cables. There is also a golden-plated USB connector.

  • Have a braided fiber cable that is ultra-durable and has a longer life span.
  • The wrist rest can be adjusted to provide longer-lasting comfort.

  • Unsupported in synapse 2. it requires synapse 3 that requires you to make an account.
  • Keys get locked in software that is disturbed while playing games.

Buying Guide For One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

We understand that you want the greatest one-handed keyboard possible without sacrificing anything, particularly your money. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider while selecting the finest gaming keypad for you.

When looking for a gaming keyboard or keypad, the switch is the most important factor to consider. A mechanical switch is the most recommended since it provides excellent feedback. Some gamers may find it difficult to choose between a wired and a wireless gaming keypad. But one thing is certain: it all boils down to personal preference. If you choose the wired option, keep in mind that the connection length must be taken into account so that you can position your keypad anywhere you wish rather than being uncomfortably close to the monitor at all times.

When it comes to gaming accessories, you should always keep your comfort in mind. Spending a couple of hours immersed in a game can exhaust your muscles, resulting in long-term, potentially irreversible harm.

Of course, when shopping for a gaming keypad, you need to consider your purchasing budget as well. Always look for a gaming keypad that has all of the functionality you require while remaining within your budget.


One-handed gaming keyboard with joystick?

Yes, there are one-handed gaming keyboards with a joystick built in! These can be great for games that require more precise control, like first-person shooters. However, they may not be as comfortable to use for long periods of time as a traditional keyboard.

Do I need a one-handed gaming keyboard with joystick?

No, you don’t need a one-handed gaming keyboard with joystick. You can use any regular keyboard for gaming. However, if you want to have an extra edge in your gameplay, then investing in a one-handed gaming keyboard with joystick can be a good idea.

How can a one-handed gaming keyboard with joystick help me in my gameplay?

A one-handed gaming keyboard with joystick can give you an extra edge in your gameplay by providing you with better control and accuracy. It can also help you improve your reaction time.


Having the greatest gaming accessories, such as a gaming keypad, might help you play better. This post included a list of several gaming keypads that may suit your needs.

To summarize it in a few sentences,  Redragon K585 DITI is probably the best gaming one-handed keypad we have tested. It has almost all the features you need to kick start your gaming venture. It also has detachable wrist rest and programmable macros. Conversely, for budget consumers, and to save money models like ENHANCE Gaming Keypad are also worth the shot. It doesn’t compete directly with the gaming keyboard like  K585 DITI but still provides decent performance. Let me know that a one-handed keyboard with a joystick feels best for you down below!