If you are looking to build a new PC, the most common and important component is the Motherboard that you need to buy. Then this time you will make sure that your motherboard form factor is acceptable for your system or not. we are going to over your confusion.

Here are a few details!

the motherboard is the backbone of your computer that connects the computer’s components together in one spot. Allow them to talk to each other.
Everything plugged into it, generally, doesn’t change the performance of the components unless you were talking storage.

your will f3it in your case or not?

the simple answer is NO
All motherboards haven’t the same specifications. Every motherboard has a different size, shape, and manufacturing series.

You should check out the supported Form factor to check if your motherboard will fit in your pc or not. When you buy a case, the supportive motherboard form factor is one of the top listed things that are manufactured under the specifications. For the motherboard, check the manufacturer’s website and it will tell you about the form factor.

Can any motherboard fit into any case?

when manufacturing a computer, most people neglect the dimensions they think that all the motherboards will fit into all cases and the size is universal. However, its does not possible that all motherboards fit into all cases. Because every motherboard has different sizes, shapes, and specifications.

you should always pick the motherboard which fits into your case. you should always check the supportive form factor which fits your case.

Let me explain the all form factors. There are so many form factors for the computers while the three most common form factors are ATX, Mini ITX, and MicroATX.

Which form factor is best for Motherboard?

Motherboards are measured in the ATX form factor by their length, width, and dimensions. The most common motherboard form factors are standard ATX and Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, and XL-ATX. If you are looking to customize the smaller form factor gaming PC, you will not go with the Standard ATX motherboard and in fact, you may not able to use the Micro-ATX.

On the other hand, if you want to go with the larger system, you will be able to utilize any motherboard in it.
the point to be noted is that you can’t put the standard ATX motherboard into the Micro-ATX OR you can not put the standard ATX and micro-ATX form factors in Mini-ITX.

Motherboard sizes and features ranges vary from Mini-ITX to micro-ATX. The main difference b/w the Standard ATX, Mini -ITX, and Micro-ATX are their dimensions.

Standard ATX (Advance technology extended)

How I Make Sure A Motherboard Will Fit In My Case

ATX is an ideal size board with sufficient RAM for almost all kinds of computers. ATX is a motherboard and better power supply connector. You should go the Standard ATX if you want to build a Higher-end gaming PC


How I Make Sure A Motherboard Will Fit In My Case

You can see that Micro-ATX has the same width as standard ATX while its length is shorter than standard ATX. Micro-ATX is a smaller motherboard that saves space and energy and Micro-ATX is the best choice for desktop computers with a smaller form factor.

If you want to customize the budget-friendly gaming PC, the best option is the Micro-ATX motherboard because they have all the main features that standard ATX has.

Mini-ITX (Information technology eXtended)

How I Make Sure A Motherboard Will Fit In My Case

On the other hand, Mini-ITX is a small form factor of the motherboard which is shorter in height as well as in width. Generally, They are compatible with the smaller form factor motherboard than both ATX as well as micro-ATX. Mini-ITX is a compact motherboard designed to support the PC in a small space. If you want to build a smaller form-Factor, Mini-ITX is best suited for gamers who are easy to hold everywhere.


Purchasing a matching motherboard might be difficult at first but there is no worry. Motherboards and cases can vary in size, shape, cost, and features. So, all motherboard form factors do not fix in every case due to their specifications.

Now it’s totally up to you that you choose the motherboard form factor according to your computer and make sure your computer supports it.

Before buying pc measure your case was to select it. So, hopefully, said that after reading this article you will have a better idea of what mother form factor is best for PC. If you still have a question about this, go to the shopkeeper and seek further information.

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