At the moment, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is by far the most major streaming gadget available. If you want to view movies and TV shows online, this is a good choice because it can make any TV smart. In addition, Amazon offers a variety of models, allowing customers to pick between features and price.

When connecting and using a Fire Stick with a projector, the process is nearly identical to when connecting and using a Fire Stick with a television. There may be a few problems along the course, but for the most part, attaching the Fire Stick, adjusting the projector’s settings, and then downloading movies and shows is as straightforward as that.

If your projector does have an HDMI input, it is probable that it will be able to function with your Fire Tv stick without the need for any further adapters. It may be necessary to utilize an extension cable in some situations, such as when there is limited room on the rear of the projector or when your projector is contained in a case that inhibits the connection of your Fire Stick to its remote from operating correctly.

However, even if a particular projector does not have an HDMI port, it is still possible to utilize most of this projector with a Fire Tv stick provided you have one of the following: First, you must identify the type of audio and video connections that are already in use, and then you must acquire an adapter that translates HDMI signals to the right type of visual and audio input.

How To Connect Firestick To Projector

Connecting Fire Stick to Projector via HDMI Port

When connected to the projector’s HDMI connector, the TV Fire Stick displays video. It can be found on the right or left side of your projector, as well as in the back. Consult your projector’s user manual for assistance If you are unable to locate your projector.

Modern projectors include two HDMI connectors, which can be used simultaneously. The design of HDMI ports is very similar to that of USB connectors. The TV Fire Stick can also be connected to your computer via a USB port as well. This device can only be placed into the port in one direction. When connecting your TV Fire Stick to the HDMI connector of your projector, proceed with caution.

How to connect Firestick to the projector without HDMI?

. If your projector does not come up with the HDMI and you want to connect your firestick to the projector then the adapter is needed. When looking for an HDMI to VGA converter, look for one that accepts an HDMI input and transforms it to a suitable output for your receiver.
In order to connect your Fire Stick to the projector without having HDMI, you have to follow these instructions:

  • Plugin your Fire Stick to the USB power supply directly.
  • Plugin your power adapter.
  • Get an adaptor and plug in an HDMI cable to your Fire Stick.
  • The outputs of your adapter should be plugged in with the correct cables.
  • Plugin the cords into your projector’s inputs.
  • The projector should now be ready to use with your Fire Stick after it has been turned on and the lens cap has been removed if necessary (if applicable).

How can I get sound from my Fire TV Stick to my projector?

Projector audio is available in two configurations: either the projector has onboard speakers that can be used as its audio solution, or the projector does not have any onboard speakers. If your projector does not come with built-in speakers, you will need to construct your own audio solution. You’ll need to surround sound speakers if you want to enjoy the Dolby Atmos sound that the Fire TV Stick provides.

However, the issue is that you are currently confronted with is that those speakers are reliant on the projector for their audio output. This procedure needs a little more effort, but it is manageable. People who want to find a solution to this problem have a couple of possibilities, which is fortunate for them.


Despite the fact that the Fire TV Stick presents us with the challenge of connecting our speakers for audio, it is an excellent addition to your home theatre system. It includes additional features like a vast library of streaming material and access to a variety of apps that can deliver your video in 4K and some audio at Dolby Atmos levels, among other benefits.

Even though resolving the speaker issue may require additional resources and effort, the return will be well worth it once you can watch your favorite movies and television shows right on your projector with fantastic audio to match. All of this will result in a home theatre system that is both reliable and rich in content once it has been properly configured.


How do we connect a Fire Stick remote to a projector?

To begin, connect the Fire Stick to a power source as well as your projector using an HDMI connection that is accessible or an HDMI converter if necessary. Then you can use the Fire Stick control to navigate through the menus and choose whatever material to watch.

How Can we get sound directly from the firestick to the projector?

You must utilize a projector with built-in speakers in order to transfer sound from the firestick to the projector. If your projector does not come with built-in speakers, you will need to purchase additional speakers to connect to your projector’s audio output. However, to enjoy high-quality sound, make sure you choose the best projector speakers available.

How do we connect a Fire Stick to the projector and get audio?

You will hear audio coming from the projector speakers if you connect your Fire Stick straight to your projector through HDMI. To accomplish this task wirelessly, if you don’t already have speakers attached to your projector, you may pair Wireless headphones or a receiver using your Fire Stick and projector to complete the task wirelessly. Select Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth Devices and then click on “Add Bluetooth Devices” on your Fire Stick’s home screen.

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